Instant Internet Lifestyles Review – Affiliate Marketing Program

Instant Internet Lifestyle is an affiliate marketing program designed in 2007 by UK marketer, Lee McIntyre, formerly a teacher in Newcastle, England.

His website makes the claim that…”In just 29 days online I (McIntyre) was already making $7,230.95 per month…” He hammers the phrase “create massive income online” and also states that he is “known to many as the fastest success story ever to hit the internet marketing industry.”

McIntyre’s program has a price tag of $19.95, which is a relatively small price when starting up even a home-based business, and does come with a money back offer.

The site does give information on what is in the program: e-mail marketing, how to get affiliate partners, joint ventures, and outsourcing work, etc. The joint venture portion of the program can be complicated, so pay particular attention to the tutorials closely. Outsourcing, while common, can be relatively expensive and risky for someone just starting up a new business.

The compensation portion of the Internet Lifestyle program is based upon affiliate marketing. It involves promoting this program as well as the products of the affiliate partners. This is a joint venture approach to earning income along with the product promotions of other internet marketing “gurus” as well as launching your own informational products. This affiliate marketing approach is one way to earn income online, provided the volume of traffic needed is there, as well as a way to direct that traffic.

The Instant Internet Lifestyle is probably a legitimate affiliate marketing program. However, because of Lee McIntyre’s claims of a large income in a relatively short period of time-just 29 days, I would urge anyone interested in this program to research in thoroughly.

Of course, as with all businesses, marketing and promoting this business opportunity online will be the key to success. Massive amounts of online traffic to promote the products will be imperative. This could be a lucrative addition for you if you are already promoting products and programs online. For entrepreneurs who do not possess the online marketing skills in the affiliate industry it will be necessary to do an extensive research of this company and find out about their training and support. Do they expect you to have a basic and thorough understanding of affiliate marketing or are they willing to train you “from scratch?”