Woven Reusable Shopping Bags As A Marketing Tool

For decades businesses have used the grocery bag as a means for branding, raising product awareness and other marketing purposes. In the past we could see this marketing tool in action on a daily basis at the supermarket, where every bag had a logo of the store printed on it. This in turn makes for great advertising for this store, and it is a common practice we still see every day, but the medium itself; the shopping bag has changed. With more and more stores making the transition from disposable to reusable shopping bags, the opportunities for shopping totes as a marketing tool have increased dramatically.

Where marketing through other channels like Television, Radio or even the Internet, can costs thousands if not millions of dollars, using shopping bags is a relative cost effective means to reach that same target audience at a far lesser expense.

With the introduction of the reusable woven polypropylene (PP) bag, this concept just became a lot cheaper, while remaining just as effective, if not more effective as a marketing tool. The keyword in this concept is durability. Because people can use reusable shopping bags over and over again, the same audience is reached for the branding and marketing purposes as with the disposable shopping bags, only using far less shopping bags, which cuts down in expenses for printing the logos, product names or brand names on the woven bags.

Another advantage of reusable woven polypropylene grocery bags is the fact that they are actually cheaper to manufacture, so companies are looking at double savings. They save on costs when purchasing wholesale reusable bags and the save on expenses again, because they need fewer of them then if they were purchasing the classic disposable grocery bags.

Every woven shopping bag manufacturer can testify that woven polypropylene shopping totes are every bit as flexible as the regular kind of disposable grocery bag. They can be manufactured in just about any shape, size or color, and just like the disposable variety, the material is suitable to print on.

When it is taken into account that woven polypropylene shopping totes are also more environmentally friendly, there really is no reason at all, not to make the switch and replace all the disposable shopping bags and grocery bags for this more durable and more cost effective version.

With all advantages as mentioned above in mind, and no real disadvantages to speak off, it is hard to believe that there still are stores out there offering the polluting disposable shopping tote. Fortunately governments have recognized this as well, and many countries are now implementing programs to sponsor and promote the use of woven polypropylene shopping bags, in order to motivate store owners to make the switch.

That governmental involvement works can be seen by looking at the increased demand for woven polypropylene shopping bags on a yearly basis. Ever since this type of reusable shopping bag was introduced, production and demand for the product has been increasing and for now it looks like this trend is here to stay at least for a few more years to come.