Stop Ingrown Hairs From Happening

If you want to stop ingrown hairs from happening then you need to know these few tips.

First of all ingrown hairs are most commonly formed by you shaving in the wrong direction or using the wrong shaving technique. The best techniques to use when shaving are to shave in the direction of the hair, only shave each spot once, never use an electric shaver and never shave dry.

Shave with the hair – You need to do this because it won’t get as close to the skin. The reason you don’t want hair being cut really close to the skin is because if the hair somehow gets too short and turns inside your skin then it will form an ingrown hair.

Shave each spot once – The reason you don’t shave the same sport more than once is because this will again cause a closer shave and also when you shave that spot you take away the cream or lotion that you were using and now you have a metal blade touching your bare skin, which could cause irritation and maybe a rash.

Never use an electric shaver – Electric shavers don’t shave in one direction, they shave in circles or in all directions so the likelihood of your hairs getting wiggled back into your skin are really high.

Never shave dry – This is almost a no-brainer, but I will explain it anyway. If you shave your hair dry you will not cut the hair as short and you will also be pulling your hairs with the blade because when I hair is dry it is much harder to cut. Also when a hair is dry it doesn’t give a nice clean cut like it should.

Now that you know what the tips to stop ingrown hairs from happening I hope you can keep your skin soft and beautiful.