What Can You Expect To Find In A Shopping Village

A village can be described as a small community with a clustered population that is up to no more than a few tens of thousands. There are normally a few activities available in the community, and it was originally used to denote inhabitants of rural areas. In recent times the terminology has been used applied to urban areas to depict the benefits and harmony that come from living in smaller communities, as opposed to the isolation that can be prevalent in urban areas. As far as shopping is concerned, do not expect to find the large chain department stores in a shopping village, as it is anathema, and goes against the grain of the concept of a shopping village.

In a typical shopping village you may find a collection of outlets of the larger department stores, but the cozy village atmosphere is used to create the communal atmosphere. Your are more than likely to find an eclectic mix of privately owned stores, along with family owned services such as restaurants, and coffee shops, or snack bars. A large number of the facilities within the shopping village may be dedicated to communal activities, however despite being close-knit; there are still very little signs of exclusivity.

Although the scale of commercial activity is limited, your are sure to find classic boutiques in almost every shopping village. The boutique offer specials merchandise to select client and it is this aspect that creates interesting mix of shopping experiences. There will be limited opportunities for one-stop shopping, and visitors will need to visit different types of stores for different items.

The villages can be located almost anywhere. You may find them in rural areas, but current city planning methods now point to the development of villages that cater to shoppers, on the outskirts or border of larger metropolitan areas. Although shopping may appear to be the main attraction, you may also find attractions, and it is close to the metropolitan area, you may also find some nightlife. You can also have access to the nightlife with short travel to nearby urban areas.

With close proximity to nearby metropolitan areas, the village is easily accessible to local residents, as well as those who may be interested in shopping trips. Without the infrastructure for heavy industrialization, which is not needed in rural areas, visitors will find lower cost operations such as Antique shops that seem to be a perfect fit for the surroundings. Antique collectors; appear to enjoy the experience involved in collecting pieces in less-traveled places.

No village is complete without a favorite family owned restaurant, where the owner may also be the chef, whom you can get to know personally. You can have meals prepared just as you like it. It is almost as having your own personal chef.

Craft shops and bake shops are popular outlets in many villages, as well as shops that offer personally crafted care products, such as soap and lotions. The lure of the shopping village, is that shoppers can readily receive personalized attention and services as there is less need for mass production or quicker turnover.

A Sedentary Lifestyle – What Is It Exactly And Are You Living One?

You hear a lot about living a sedentary lifestyle these days but what exactly is it and how do you know if you are living one? This term ‘sedentary lifestyle’ is a medical term used to describe a type of lifestyle with a lack of physical exercise. It is typified by sitting or doing light activities only for much of the day, watching television and computer use with little or no vigorous physical exercise.

A lot of health experts agree on the following guidelines that will help tell you if your lifestyle is indeed sedentary or inactive.

• You are not doing any muscle strengthening activity 2-3 times each week
• Do not get regularly your blood pumping and some ‘huff and puff’ happening
• Your day is spent mostly sitting
• You have a job which requires no physical activity
• Your leisure time is not spent being active but involves more sedentary activities

It has been estimated by the World Health Organization that up to 85 percent of people lead lives that can be defined as sedentary. A caution has been issued by them that living this type of life is becoming one of the most principal causes of death and disability. A sedentary lifestyle has become so common that the experts are now calling it a disease as it is causing so many preventable health problems and shortening people’s lives.

Not only does a sedentary lifestyle increase the susceptibility of age related diseases that cause premature death, being inactive influences and speeds up the aging process itself. This is confirmed with the incidents of people that we know (maybe in our own family) that have been taken long before their time leaving us shaking our heads in disbelief wondering what how this could have happened.

This trait is accelerating as our modern world becomes less and less active. One of the main reasons is the loss of muscle tissue that accompanies a sedentary lifestyle. Muscle atrophy (shrinking and weakening) downgrades the entire body and its systems and we become more susceptible to disease and physical injury.

Physical strength and fitness is correlated with a strong immune system function, our amour and defense system protecting us from disease and illness. A reduction in strength and general fitness weakens the efficiency of the immune system increasing our risk of what they call ‘chronic lifestyle diseases’. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes and dozens of others are all health issues we inflict on ourselves.

The human body functions best when it is active, strong, vital and dynamic. Hormones are balanced; blood is circulating around the body efficiently taking nutrients and oxygen to all tissues and cells maintaining their health. Body weight is maintained at a healthy level, mental and emotional health is stable and sleep is of a better quality so the renewal and rejuvenation of the cells is at a maximum to maintain health and wellness.

If you want to protect something as precious as your own life you need to take action get yourself started on a proper exercise program that contains mostly strength training exercise and never stop. It is this simple. Lead a physically active life and reap the benefits as opposed living a sedentary life and risk a lower quality of life or even worse a shortened life. We each have a choice what will yours be?

5 Reasons To Buy Jewellery From An Online Store

If you are planning to buy jewellery, either for yourself, or to give away, you should think about shopping online. There are many great advantages to consider when buying sterling silver earrings sets, stainless steel bangles, or a gold personalized name necklace from an online jewellery store. Even if you cannot actually touch the individual pieces, the pictures and descriptions used today to display jewellery, watches, and giftware on websites is so vivid that the need to actually hold the items has become fairly minimal.

Buying jewellery online is fun, convenient, and can save you a bundle of money. Sales prices of diamonds, pearls, and crystals are a lot more affordable online, plus you will have a lot more pieces to choose from. Aside from attractive prices, other advantages that online jewellery stores have to offer include:

  1. Convenience – As long as you have an Internet connection, you can buy jewellery online from anywhere. You can browse the jewellery sites on your lunch break at work, in the evening from your living room, or from a cyber cafe on the weekends. If you have an electronics device that can connect to the web, you do not even need a computer any more. How cool is that?
  2. Saving time – Instead of having to get dressed and head to the local jewellery shops, you just connect to the web to locate vendors selling jewellery online. If you do not like the selection of fine rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants or anklets that one jeweller has to offer, you move on to the next with a few clicks of a mouse. No need to get back to your car and drive across town.
  3. Tremendous selection – While the selection at your local gem provider may seem extensive, that is like a drop in a bucket compared to the immense amount of choices you find online. If you are shopping for jewellery online, you are bound to find that special piece you will treasure forever. It will also be much easier to locate that ruby drop necklace or topaz pendant your mother, girlfriend, or wife requested for her birthday.
  4. Savings – Aside from lower prices, you can also find incredible deals online. From time to time, an online jewellery store will offer discounts or special promotions. In addition, they will hold sales events, in which a lot of their merchandise is reduced. All you have to do is visit your favourite jewellery website once a week and you will never miss another sale. Visiting a website takes a few minutes; driving downtown may take you an hour. It can also be very disappointing if you spend all that time travelling, and do not find anything you like.
  5. Comparison shopping – It is far more difficult to comparison shop if you need to visit various jewellery stores in your area. Online, you can easily flip back and forth between multiple tabs. There is no waste of travel time and expenses. Note: do watch out for the shipping and handling charges when you buy jewellery online, as they vary widely. Adding all the charges together, the deals some jewellers list for their two-tone bracelets and hoop earrings may actually not be the best. When buying jewellery online, also watch out for delivery times, as some vendors only ship once a week. Take that into account, especially if you are buying gifts. It can save you the embarrassment of having to show up at a party empty handed or with an ‘I Owe You’.

Cut Your Own Hair

Personal style is a statement and Wahl hair clippers offer a wide array of possibilities with their trimming, detailing, shaving and clipping devices. In 2009, the company introduced the world’s first lithium ion (the most technologically advanced rechargeable battery available) grooming kit. The trimmer delivers a close, clean and efficient trim. It has interchangeable heads that allow for beard trimming, ear and nose detailing, shaving and, of course, hair trimming.

There are many Wahl hair clippers that you can choose from each unique in its own way. Some, like the Deluxe Self Cut Wahl hair clippers deliver maximum cutting power and a soft touch grip for comfort and control when you are using the clippers. On this model, the head rotates, allowing for easy and accurate self cutting. Various accessories are included in each kit. This particular kit contains a blade guard, a soft storage case, a cleaning brush, scissors, a styling comb, a mirror, ten clipper guides ranging in size from 1/8 inch to 1 inch, a left ear and right ear taper and instructions and styling guide. This model can be used with a cord or cordless.

No matter what model you prefer, here are some cutting tips that will ensure that you get the perfect cut:

The first time you cut your hair, make certain you cut only a small amount until you understand the length of hair each guide comb provides.

Attach the largest guide comb onto the clippers and then change it out for a shorter one if this is not the length you desire.

Using long strokes, cut across the top of your head first, and then comb it out before you proceed to see if you will need to do any extra cutting.

Remember to insert the ear guide combs before you trim around your ears to protect yourself.

Always cut around the ear in an upward, outward motion.

When you are finished clipping your hair, push the taper lever up to the close cut position and use on your sideburns and the back of you neck.

Wahl hair clippers have been around since 1919 when Leo J Wahl applied for patents and began manufacturing and selling thousands of them to barbers all over the United States. He passed away in 1957 but over his lifetime he had applied for over one hundred patents for various inventions. The company recently celebrated its 90th anniversary and they still rely on the same principles that got them to where they are now: vision, innovation and customer satisfaction.

One example of their innovation (other than the lithium ion model) is their Sport Wahl hair clippers. This model is used by professional stylists and athletes. It is ideal for all fade style, high and tight and detailing. Athletes use the clippers to trim around their joints. This seventeen piece hair cut set sells for approximately forty dollars.

All Wahl hair clippers are reasonably priced and they pack a lot of accessories in every kit. You really cannot go wrong no matter what model of Wahl hair clippers you choose.