Top 3 Bestselling Celebrity Scents

If you’re like many people, you want to wear the fragrance of the celebrities, that’s why you choose a celebrity scent. There are literally thousands of designer fragrances that have been created by celebrities, and there are only a few bestselling celebrity scents and these are the ones you are going to want. Here is a list of the top three celebrity scents that you can find right now, which you might be interested in having in your fragrance collection.

Britney Spears Perfumes

Since Britney Spears Curious came out in 2004, this pop star’s fragrances have been on the best selling celebrity scents list for years. Now, you can find that she’s added a couple of fragrances to her line of popular scents in 2009 which you might love. Consider Britney Spears Hidden Fantasy perfume, which has notes of sweet orange, tangerine, grapefruit and clove mixed with jasmine, vanilla bean, sandalwood and amber to create a complex, yet very wearable perfume. This fragrance is not too light and not too heavy, but you’ll love the way each time a person walks by they notice you.

You might also want to consider Circus Fantasy perfume by Britney Spears, which also launched in 2009 and contains notes of raspberry zest, blue peony, lotus, orchid and vanilla mixed with a touch of musk for yet another fragrance that will leave you smelling delightful.

Sarah Jessica Parker Perfumes

Another bestselling celebrity scent line is the Sarah Jessica Parker fragrance line. Although it’s been a couple of years since she has released any new fragrances, this lady has delivered on fragrances that are sophisticated and easy to wear. Consider Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely perfume, which debut in 2005, but is still just as in demand as it was when it came out. This fragrance has notes of lavender, orchid, amber, paper whites and musk for a casual, sophisticated fragrance that you’ll love.

Also consider Sarah Jessica Parker Covet perfume, which contains geranium, honeysuckle, chocolate, lavender, lemon, amber and teakwood for a complex daytime fragrance that everyone will notice. A delightful scent that has made the best selling celebrity scent list since it came out and you’re sure to love it.

Paris Hilton Perfumes

While many people love to hate this fabulously wealthy hotel heiress, it’s undeniable that she has drive and determination. She has launched several perfumes in the last few years and they have all been on the best selling celebrity fragrance list, so even if you’re not fond of her, you have to smell her scents.

Consider Fairy Dust Perfume, which made it’s debut in 2008 and has been soaringly popular ever since. With notes of pink peony, orange blossom, gardenia and water lily combined with a base of sueded patchouli, cashmere musk and vanilla creme, this fragrance is going to delight and surprise you with its versatility.

While these fragrances are just a few of the best selling celebrity scents out there, these have consistently sold well and are found to be the most popular, so when you’re looking for a celebrity fragrance that is complex and leaves you smelling like you’re walking the red carpet or just hanging out with friends, you should consider some of the best selling celebrity scents that are available today.

House Beautiful Magazine for a Dazzling Home

Everyone wishes for a house that is uniquely beautiful. However, not everyone has the means or the desire to go hunting for an interior decoration expert and spend a hefty amount for home décor ideas. House-proud people like to do things themselves and hog the credit when it is done. People looking for unique and cost effective ideas for interior décor can subscribe to a home magazine for best decoration suggestions.

There are several House Beautiful Magazines available from various publishing houses. A House Beautiful subscription can help a homeowner lookup different new and unique decoration ideas for his/her home.

When you flip through the pages of a House Beautiful Magazine, you will come across countless tips and suggestions to transform your house into your dream home. Ideas stress on how to make your house look classy and unique with simple alterations that won’t cause a dent in your pocket.

The fundamentals of home décor begin with Color. The color of your walls gives your house its character. The color scheme of your rooms will determine your home décor: the upholstery, furniture, furniture arrangement, lighting, decorations, etc.

Colors can make your house look beautiful, but making the right choice is crucial. Choice of colors will depend on the size of your room: the height from ground to ceiling and breadth from wall to wall. Bright colors in a small room make it look smaller, while light colors gives the illusion of space.

Choosing the right furniture for your room and its arrangement can make your room look beautiful. Bulky furniture looks good in large rooms while petite furniture is suitable for small rooms leaving enough space for movement.

The type of furniture you will be using to decorate your room is also important. Wood furniture sets off an elegant, old-world look while sleek metal furniture reeks in modernism. Combining the two in the same room is disastrous. Also, the same type of furniture used throughout the house maintains uniformity in look.

Several of such useful tips on color scheme and furniture can be found in the House Beautiful Magazine.

The House Beautiful Magazine also offers ideas on what color fabrics to use with specific wall and furniture color. As a rule, dark looks good against light and vice versa. Arranging dark & light colors or vice versa alternately, beginning from the wall can give the desired look for your room.

Beauty is in clever contrast. Orange, Cream, Yellow and Green or Cream, Maroon, Dark Brown, or Golden, Dark Brown and Off-white are some of the most beautiful color schemes for your house. You can use color schemes to set up the look and feel of your room. The House Beautiful Magazines give you several tips and ideas on how to do so.

Millions of people worldwide subscribe to house magazines for new and cheap ideas for home décor. The reason why House Beautiful Magazines are popular is because they neither advertize nor stress on expensive makeovers for the home, instead show homeowners simple yet unique ways to make a beautiful house.

Fashion Forums: A Place to Get Useful Tips About Fashion

Most of the people want to look great with their everyday life. That is why they always seek for the latest trend and fashion that are available in the market. You may be one these people who really goes with the flow when it comes to fashion.

If you want to know more about the newest line of clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries, you can surf the Internet and search for fashion forums. Forum is the best place to gain information to the newest trends about clothes and other personal apparels. This is the place where many people interact with each other to seek help or give solutions with regard to fashion and styles.

Fashion will not surely die as long as there are a lot of clothes or shoes designers that keep on creating the newest designs for fashion enthusiast like you. However, you also need to keep in mind that not all fashionable clothes, shoes and accessories can suit your personality. It is still best to know your body physique before buying any types of clothes or shoes.

You also need to vary your clothes in a specific occasion. For example, if you will attend a party, of course you must not wear shorts and tee. You need to wear something that will really fit every occasion even if it is not in the latest trend. What is important is that you will not look awkward just because you are strictly following the latest fashion.

Moreover, your clothes and shoes must match well. Sneakers are for casual wears like pants, shorts, T-shirts and many more, while stilettos or leather shoes go well with semi-formal or formal wear, such as evening dresses for females and slack pants with coat and tie for males. Accessories must also suit what you wear. This is a very important factor and must not be omitted if you really want to look good.

Bags are very useful not only for the sake of fashion but also to carry all the things you need. Since there are several styles and kinds of bag, you also need to use the appropriate one depending on what you wear and what is the occasion. If you are working in an office, you can carry satchel bag since it is made from leather for a more formal look. On the other hand, if you will only go for shopping or to your friend’s house, you can use handbag to carry all the necessary things such as cell phone, wallet, comb and mirror and your make-up kit.

Top Christmas Gifts For 2011 For The Woman In Your Life

It is that time of the year again. Christmas 2011 is less than a few months away and now is the perfect time to start hunting for the perfect gift for that woman in your life whether she is a wife, girlfriend, mother, aunt, grandmother, friend, etc. Finding the top Christmas gifts for 2011 for the woman in your life can be a challenge for most men who hate shopping. If this is you, here are some ideas to help you get the best Christmas gifts for 2011 that will be appreciated by her.

One of the top Christmas gifts for 2011 for women are pampering sets or a gift certificate to a spa for any treatment or combination of treatments such as facials, massage, mani/pedi, makeup session, etc. Most women love getting pampered and you will hit a home run with her if this is what you get for her.

If the woman in your life is a wife or girlfriend, many spas provide gift certificates for couples which will be even better for the two of you to enjoy time together at a spa. Other pampering gifts that will make some of the best Christmas gifts for 2011 include getting a footbath or foot massager to help ease the stresses from a long day at work.

Most women love jewelry so these make great gifts. Getting jewelry that features her birthstone is one of the top Christmas presents for 2011 for her that she will love. For a mother, consider getting jewelry that not only features her birthstone, but those of her children as well which she will be sure to cherish.

You can also get jewelry that will complete a certain piece of jewelry that she has. For instance, if she has a beloved pearl necklace, consider getting a pearl bracelet or earrings that matches the necklace. She will appreciate how you notice things about her.

While diamond jewelry such as diamond studs or tennis bracelets make some of the best Christmas gifts, there are certainly other pieces of jewelry that are cheaper than diamonds that will be appreciated by her.

For grandmothers especially if she enjoys her art and crafts, a personalized craft bag is one of the top Christmas gifts for 2011 for her that she will appreciate because it will help keep her organized. A kitchen organizer is also one of the best Christmas presents for her for 2011.

For your female boss or even female co-workers that you want to get Christmas presents for, some of the top Christmas gifts for 2011 include a business organizer bag, tea or coffee collection kits featuring exotic brews from all over the world in her favorite flavor, a fancy pen, computer bag, etc. You probably spend most of your time at the office so show your appreciation come Christmas time.

When looking for the top Christmas gifts for 2011 for her, remember to be thoughtful and try to get something that she will appreciate and use and not discard in the back of her closet never to be seen again. Part of gift giving is being able to see the joy on the gift recipient’s face.