Cut Your Own Hair

Personal style is a statement and Wahl hair clippers offer a wide array of possibilities with their trimming, detailing, shaving and clipping devices. In 2009, the company introduced the world’s first lithium ion (the most technologically advanced rechargeable battery available) grooming kit. The trimmer delivers a close, clean and efficient trim. It has interchangeable heads that allow for beard trimming, ear and nose detailing, shaving and, of course, hair trimming.

There are many Wahl hair clippers that you can choose from each unique in its own way. Some, like the Deluxe Self Cut Wahl hair clippers deliver maximum cutting power and a soft touch grip for comfort and control when you are using the clippers. On this model, the head rotates, allowing for easy and accurate self cutting. Various accessories are included in each kit. This particular kit contains a blade guard, a soft storage case, a cleaning brush, scissors, a styling comb, a mirror, ten clipper guides ranging in size from 1/8 inch to 1 inch, a left ear and right ear taper and instructions and styling guide. This model can be used with a cord or cordless.

No matter what model you prefer, here are some cutting tips that will ensure that you get the perfect cut:

The first time you cut your hair, make certain you cut only a small amount until you understand the length of hair each guide comb provides.

Attach the largest guide comb onto the clippers and then change it out for a shorter one if this is not the length you desire.

Using long strokes, cut across the top of your head first, and then comb it out before you proceed to see if you will need to do any extra cutting.

Remember to insert the ear guide combs before you trim around your ears to protect yourself.

Always cut around the ear in an upward, outward motion.

When you are finished clipping your hair, push the taper lever up to the close cut position and use on your sideburns and the back of you neck.

Wahl hair clippers have been around since 1919 when Leo J Wahl applied for patents and began manufacturing and selling thousands of them to barbers all over the United States. He passed away in 1957 but over his lifetime he had applied for over one hundred patents for various inventions. The company recently celebrated its 90th anniversary and they still rely on the same principles that got them to where they are now: vision, innovation and customer satisfaction.

One example of their innovation (other than the lithium ion model) is their Sport Wahl hair clippers. This model is used by professional stylists and athletes. It is ideal for all fade style, high and tight and detailing. Athletes use the clippers to trim around their joints. This seventeen piece hair cut set sells for approximately forty dollars.

All Wahl hair clippers are reasonably priced and they pack a lot of accessories in every kit. You really cannot go wrong no matter what model of Wahl hair clippers you choose.

Stop Ingrown Hairs From Happening

If you want to stop ingrown hairs from happening then you need to know these few tips.

First of all ingrown hairs are most commonly formed by you shaving in the wrong direction or using the wrong shaving technique. The best techniques to use when shaving are to shave in the direction of the hair, only shave each spot once, never use an electric shaver and never shave dry.

Shave with the hair – You need to do this because it won’t get as close to the skin. The reason you don’t want hair being cut really close to the skin is because if the hair somehow gets too short and turns inside your skin then it will form an ingrown hair.

Shave each spot once – The reason you don’t shave the same sport more than once is because this will again cause a closer shave and also when you shave that spot you take away the cream or lotion that you were using and now you have a metal blade touching your bare skin, which could cause irritation and maybe a rash.

Never use an electric shaver – Electric shavers don’t shave in one direction, they shave in circles or in all directions so the likelihood of your hairs getting wiggled back into your skin are really high.

Never shave dry – This is almost a no-brainer, but I will explain it anyway. If you shave your hair dry you will not cut the hair as short and you will also be pulling your hairs with the blade because when I hair is dry it is much harder to cut. Also when a hair is dry it doesn’t give a nice clean cut like it should.

Now that you know what the tips to stop ingrown hairs from happening I hope you can keep your skin soft and beautiful.

How to Increase Hair Growth Faster – 3 Things You Need To Do!

If you are like many women, you have walked out of the beauty salon on at least one occasion and found that your new hair style wasn’t nearly what you were looking for. It could have been that it was the wrong cut or that it was simply cut too short – either way, the only thing that can really help you is time. Eventually your hair will grow out to your satisfaction, but if you want to learn how to increase hair growth at a more rapid pace, then there are actually things that you can do.

  • Remain Chemical-Free

Most of us are surrounded by chemicals these days, from those that we eat in our meals to those that we put on our hair. If you want to the best chance to have longer, thicker, and more luxurious hair, then you will need to start eliminating some of these chemicals from your life and that usually starts with your hair care products.

The number of chemicals in any shampoo or conditioner is simply astounding, and it isn’t just your hair that is being covered in them – those same chemicals are running down your body while you are in the shower. The basic rule of thumb for any kind of hair care product is that if you can’t pronounce the ingredients on the label, then it is too loaded with chemicals for you to be using.

  • Clean Up Your Diet

In addition to using chemicals on our hair, we are also eating a lot of them in our diet. In spite of the fact that so many people are obese these days, the truth is that we are suffering from a form of malnutrition, which really means that we aren’t getting adequate nutrients to maintain a healthy body – and that includes your hair.

If you can change one aspect of your diet right now, it would be to eliminate processed foods from your home. Go ahead and treat yourself with your favorite meal in a restaurant now and again, but when you are eating at home, try to eat only natural items, and preferably those that are organic. This doesn’t mean that you need to go vegetarian, but you should eat a cleaner diet.

When it comes to eating meat, you might be surprised to read that it is actually quite beneficial and can contribute to how to increase hair growth. By adding more lean protein to your diet, you will see increased hair growth and healthier hair all around.

  • Style Safely!

Whether you have curly or straight hair, short or long, you should keep in mind that the more you force your hair into an unnatural state, the less likely it will be to grow. So, if you are naturally curly and you like to use the flat iron, you are only working against your goal of having longer, healthier hair. The same goes for people with straight hair to use a curling iron, or the vast numbers of people who use a blow dryer. The best way how to increase hair growth is to simply let your hair dry naturally and choose a cut that looks good without too much styling.

There are a number of other tips that you can try if you want to learn how to increase hair growth, such as regularly trimming the ends of your hair, massaging your scalp with a natural oil, or refraining from using rubber bands and other harsh clips or barrettes in your hair. Quite frankly, if you take better care of your hair, it will grow at a much faster pace.